Why not take more time and book a Kings Cross hotel London


Why not make your travel arrangements a little less stressful by booking a Kings Cross St Pancras International hotel before your Eurostar journey, or maybe on your return leg if arriving late into the city of London. The Wardonia Hotel Kings Cross London is only a few minutes walk from the new Eurostar London location as well as being only moments away from Kings Cross Central and the London underground tube station.

Before searching through the many choices of hotels St Pancras, Why not check out some of our interesting facts about Kings Cross St Pancras International, the new London Eurostar station.

St Pancreas station


Interesting facts – Kings Cross St Pancras International


What is there to know about the new Eurostar London Station?

1. The original St Pancras train station was designed by William Henry Barlow and took 6,000 men armed with 1,000 horses and 100 steam cranes four years to complete. The station opened in 1868.

2. The new Kings Cross St Pancras International has six international platforms for use by Eurostar services with each platform being 455 metres long.

3. Who was St Pancras? St Pancras was a 14 year old Christian orphan who was martyred in Rome, having been taken there by his uncle – in AD 303. His relics were sent to England by Pope St Vitalian in the 7th century – the first St Pancras church was built close to Canterbury with St Pancras church in Camden following soon afterwards.


History of Kings Cross St Pancras


Hotel exteria
The Wardonia Hotel London, one of many hotels near St Pancras is a fine example of Georgian architecture and would have been built around the 1830s. The current owners have run the London hotel for over 30 years, but the building has been used as lodgings or a guesthouse for over 100 years. The hotel underwent major works in 1999 to bring it up to the demands of the modern traveller.

In 1851 Kings Cross railway station was built, followed by St. Pancras railway station 15 years later. Both stations are London landmarks and contribute the lively atmosphere of the area.

People have lived in the Kings Cross area of London for many hundreds of years, in an area
that used to be known as Battle Bridge. In 1836 a 60ft high statue of King George IV was erected at the major ‘crossroads’ which resulted in the area being known as ‘Kings Cross’.

However don’t go looking for the statue as it provoked such unfavourable criticism that the whole structure was torn down within 10 years.